The Journal of Democratic Theory publishes articles that deal with the political theory of democracy, democratization, styles of democracy, democratic governance, and democratic systems. This Journal also publishes a limited number of general political theory papers, book reviews, as well as responses to previously published articles. Of potential significant interest to our colleagues, peers and wider readership are the interviews with great minds that the Journal publishes with each issue.

This Journal is a robustly peer-reviewed serial that is published quarterly. It is also an Open Data publication specifically acting to contribute to the Creative Commons. This means that if a paper passes the peer-review process (which includes significant editorial scrutiny), conforms to style guidelines, and is edited to the Journal's mandate, the article will be available for any individual to use freely. Some have come to argue that this increases the impact of a work and may lead to a greater number of citations. The benefit of this contribution to the Open Data movement is that it provides information to readers at no cost.

We offer a process to speed the review of articles. For 200 Euros (up to 300 Euros should a third reviewer be needed) the reviewer is required to critically appraise the article in under 7 days. The reviewer must also provide a minimum of one page (single spaced) of constructive criticism for the article should that be required. This process has the potential to greatly increase the effectiveness of publishing research papers and is hoped to be a unique method of resolving substantial delays as is experienced with other journals. Each reviewer is offered 100 Euros as an incentive to participate in this process.

Another innovative feature of this journal is that it requires authors to provide a non-specialist explanation of his or her article in 800 words or less. This addition is only required after an article is passed by peer-review and is meant to specifically assist the general public in understanding the contribution(s) the article makes.

* * Interviews have been, and will continue to be, republished on the Journal of Democratic Theory's YouTube page.**